Thursday, November 29, 2012


This video is amazing. It truly shows how amazing and creative God is in the world. It is awe inspiring and humbling to think that we are called to be co-creators with the Being who made these animals.

Cheetahs running in slow motion


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I found this post on The Gospel Coalition via a facebook friend. It is a great examination of "hipsters." Not just what's wrong with the worldview, but what contributes to it, how it has affected us all, and how to start correcting that worldview, through the Spirit. I highly recommend it.

The Hipster in All of Us

If you haven't read it yet, I'm not surprised. It's pretty obscure....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Human Equality and Worth

A lot of times, non-Christians say that Christianity is a religion that is discriminatory against certain women or other people groups. Unfortunately, many Christians live in a way that perpetuates this statement.

To counter this charge, I would say that Christianity is a religion that expressly promotes the equality and worth of every human being, no matter what their ethnicity, sex, and even religion. The Bible states that humans were made in God's image. This gives every person an inherent worth and dignity. It is no small thing to be a representation of the image of the Creator of the world.

Unfortunately, as in many things in Christianity, Nikolai Berdyaev's quote rings true here:

"Christianity is the religion of love and of freedom, but it is judged according to the hostility and hate and acts of violence of so many Christians, men who compromise their faith and are a stumbling-block to the weak."

Many people have big problems with the actions of people who claim to be Christian (the Crusades, for instance). And you know what, so do I. There have been some real atrocities by Christians throughout the history of the religion. However, the actions of the adherents do not denigrate the worth of the belief system. Especially in Christianity, where the admission of sin is so prevalent. We have dignity from being made in the image of God, but we have tarnished that dignity (not wiped it out, mind) through sin. And so we as believers, being imperfect, will always cause the truth of Christianity to suffer through our sin. But if we acknowledge that and confess it freely to others and ourselves, the grace of Christ can really shine through.

(this is another post inspired by Francis Schaeffer)

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Francis Schaeffer on Reading the Bible

A lot of the posts will probably be Schaeffer quotes. I've read Art and The Bible a few times, but am just getting into his main worldview trilogy - He Is There and He Is Not Silent, Escape from Reason, and The God Who Is There. This is a great quote about how spending time in the Scriptures provides a worldview correction - acts as a compass, if you'd like.

"The Bible teaches by showing how God works in the world that he himself made. We should read the Bible for various reasons. It should be read for facts, and it should also be read devotionally. But reading the Bible every day of one's life does something else - it gives one a different mentality. In the modern world we are surrounded by the mentality of the uniformity of natural causes in a closed system, but as we read the Bible it gives us a different mentality. Do not minimize the fact that in reading the Bible we are living in a mentality that is the right one, opposed to the great wall of this other mentality that is forced upon us on every side - in education, in literature, in the arts, and in the mass media." He Is There and He Is Not Silent pg. 68

I know I don't read the Bible every day, but this gives me even more reason to do so.


Sunday, February 26, 2012


As promised, a lot of my posts will be about music. I was thinking of doing music in general as my first post. It scared the heck out of me. So I'm going to focus on one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite bands.

In a Sweater Poorly Knit - mewithoutYou

If I'm a crown without a King, 
if I'm a broken, open seed,
If I come without a thing, 
I come with all I need

Quote starts at 2:07, though I highly recommend you watch the whole clip. I will hopefully discuss mewithoutYou in more depth in another post, including their musical style, but for now I'd like to just talk about this quote, particularly the last two lines.

I think they talk to the inability of man to approach God; the inability of man to have any kind of introductory part in the salvation act (the T in TULIP - totally depraved). As Come Ye Sinners puts it:

The only fitness He requireth
Is to feel your need of Him
This He gives you

They could also be taken as a statement on the worth of any works of man. Our works (and this includes worship) have no value in and of themselves. (This next part might be wrong, please correct me if it is wrong). God accepts our worship - even though it is worthless. It brings to mind Hosea 6:6 "For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings," which Jesus quotes to the Pharisees. The feeling behind the worship (or the sacrifice at that time) more worthy than the actual worship. I don't know. Maybe not.

I'd like to talk about the first two lines too. "If I'm a crown without a King"

I think that's a great way to talk of fallen man. What is a crown designed to do? Bring glory and honor to the one who wears it.  Humans were made to glorify God, and when we don't do that we are not fulfilling our purpose. We are a crown without a King when we are not using all our faculties to glorify God (and I say faculties as opposed to talents, because we should glorify God even in things that we're not good at).

And "If I'm a broken, open seed"

In order for a seed to take root and grow into whatever it will be, the seed (or "old man" if you will allow it) has to break apart and open itself.

I think these four lines together show great truths about life, but also are a great timeline of conversion.

Fallen State - Crown without a King
State of Conversion - Broken open seed
State of Worship - Come without a thing

If you've never listened to mewithoutYou, I'd recommend them. Their music genre definitely will not appeal to everyone. It's more folk now than post-hardcore (what their first few albums were), but their lyrics are astounding. Aaron (lead singer and accordion player) is also a genuinely nice guy (I met and talked to him after a show a few years ago) and really loves and is dedicated to what he does.


Saturday, February 25, 2012


Welcome to All Through One Lens. As I wrote in the What This Blog Is section, this blog will a place for me to work through (hopefully and eventually) all aspects of my life, and match them up to the worldview as set out in the Bible. If, at the end of the examination, I find that aspect at variance with scripture, I will attempt to set the two in compliance. This is a personal blog, but the Lord might see fit to bless another through my rambles.

Some examples of aspects ripe for examination: music, art, photography, fatherhood, tolerance, jobs, etc. And not every one of these will be one post. I imagine that if I stick with this blog I'll eventually have a hundred posts just about music, whether that be a genre of music, a band, a song, or a two line quote from a song. Ya, I like music. Probably too much. Hopefully these examinations will work that out.

Disclaimer: I have not taken seminary courses, or studied worldview/apologetics/theology formally. I have read some books on my own, and I have been faithfully instructed in the Word weekly for years, thanks to the wonderful churches to which I've been privileged to belong. I am not an expert. There will be errors. Please feel free to criticize, disagree, or otherwise discuss anything here. I will do my best to be humble and acknowledge my errors and faults.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you find something worthy here.